Uncle Jack - A Victorian Mystery

If Author Tony Williams is right, he has solved the crime of the millennium...a fascinating and convincing solution to one of history s most blood-curdling crimes Sunday ExpressJack the Ripper, who murdered five women in London s East End in 1888, has never before been identified. Tony Williams, a direct descendant of John Williams, here names his illustrious ancestor doctor to Queen Victoria s immediate family and esteemed founder of the National Library of Wales as the notorious killer.For the very first time, a consistent and plausible explanation for every aspect of the case is presented, and the author has even discovered what he is convinced is the murder weapon. This vivid and groundbreaking work means that no one will ever regard the most famous true crime of all in the same way. It can only be described as, at long last, the truth. The book has sent shockwaves through the historical and medical community Observer

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Book Title: Uncle Jack - A Victorian Mystery

Book Author: Tony Williams

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ISBN: 1903490618